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I think one of my favorite collabs between creators was when Rushlock spent some time on stream with my boy @Crashnaps

Rush's undeniable skill with the shill worked very well with Crash's crackhead energy to make for a very entertaining show <3

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This was a lot of fun. My only regrets, it was so late and I felt like I was too low energy for chat, and ofc Crash got sick immediately after. Get well soon! <3

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Working with Vinne, not only in form of Raids on Twitch, but also just having someone to talk about the 'eboy' life with. I started streaming 10 years ago, and back then the atmosphere of defensiveness and people thinking others were trying to 'steal their audience' prevented most collaboration unfortunately.

Helping Vinne go from starting out on Twitch, to full time creator has been very rewarding!

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I collaborated with my friend on her painting 🎨🖌️ It was so fun 😀

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I admire how much Square Enix is getting content creators involved and collaborates with them as much as possible. It's so great to see creators who worked hard to get where they are now get to play game demos or like on the FFXIV Fan Fest this weekend @huskybythegeek who is making guitar covers of game soundtracks got to play on stage with The Primals, FFXIV's own rock band lead by none other than composer Masayoshi Soken.

There is a tweet by Husky here:

And @frey_sann recorded the performance of A Long Fall:

You can check out Husky's work on his Youtube channel:


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