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Best performing of any videos is actually a Short, and it's not even fully original, rather just a remix of a clip I found rather funny.

When the video first started trending on Reddit, I rushed to my desk to be the first to edit it down to a Short to put up on YouTube, marking one of the few times I was the first to a major clip like that. The clip, while becoming infamous in niche circles already, went a lot further than that thanks to the Short, meaning it was able to take the existing momentum, the fact it's just a funny clip, and the viral nature of the Shorts algorithm, and it all worked together to give it over a million views, the first piece of content from me to cross that milestone. However, it was hard to reproduce that hype, as at the end of the day the largest issue is that the YouTube algorithm moves in mysterious ways, and it's difficult for good content to be rewarded, while other videos perform very well for almost no reason.

The most popular long-form video is this, with 144K views:

The video, talking about PC gaming on a TV, is old, poorly made, and very amateurish, however it's still the best performing video by far. Beyond just the fact again that the YouTube algorithm is just bad at pushing my newer, much better content, it saw success because I underestimated how many people just failed to understand the actual difference between a TV and a monitor. A lot of the comments were either about how TVs differ from monitors, how to connect a PC to a TV. To most people, it's pretty straightforward, no-brainer stuff, but never underestimate how many people out there may not know the basics of what you're talking about.

My best performing video is this one with 2500 views:

It's not my first video of completing the duel inside the Delubrum Reginae Savage (or DRS for short) raid in Final Fantasy XIV, so why did this get more views compared to the previous ones which barely got 500 or even less views?

This video is from the beginning of Endwalker expansion, where the summoner job got a complete rework, and that might have brought in more viewers, as mostly people complete this duel on melee dps, so at the time of uploading there were not many (if any) recent videos featuring a caster job.

DRS is an old content a most people these days do it for a quick run to get the mount and the achievement reward, and they do like speedruns. So having "speed" in the title and tags probably helped in the video being picked up by the algorithm.

So my top guesses on why this video was performing so well:

  • tags and keywords

  • featuring something new and recent

  • featuring something which not many people make videos about

  • it's a guide/walkthrough type of video which people can be interested in even years later


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