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First of all this statement

Brother Grimoire, another EVE Online streamer, echoed those sentiments, explaining that Twitch is the most convenient platform to reach your target audience because it has the largest presence in the market

That is completely incorrect, Eve Online has been and always will be one of the least viewed games on Twitch, quite often being under 500-1k viewers, because, in most instances, the gameplay can look boring to people but also because people enjoy ganking streamers which of course then causes disruption to the stream.

This being said it then comes down to "visibility" after an "online" event such as streaming. Take Kick & Twitch, unless you are live, you are not reaching anyone. Your VODS are not part of the "eve online" search button.

Now you look at YouTube, not only can you create specific content such as tutorials and gameplay which is searchable 24/7, and reach anyone looking for information or videos on YouTube, but your actual live stream is, if tagged correctly, searchable on YouTube. Because it now counts as YouTube video content.

IMO if you have 8 hours a day, every day, to spend playing a game, then stream on Twitch & Kick, but if you have limited time to say stream for 4-5 hours a few nights a week and can make time to post videos, then use YouTube, but, YouTube will always offer creators the aspect to be found and enjoyed by people looking for that content.

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