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Twitch chat overlay in-game

This little software has been such a life saver. Normally I have my Twitch chat visible in OBS on my second screen, but if I need to display there visual guides for our raid sessions or simply I'm too immersed in the game, I can easily miss a chat entry (I have trouble with my peripheral vision, so if I need to focus on one side of my screen, I don't really see stuff going on on the other side outside of my main display.)

This little software has been a game changer. You need to run your game in borderless windowed mode, but then you can see the chat messages right on top of your game client. You can change the positioning, how long messages get displayed, text size, etc.

I put it above my normal ingame chat window, as I'll definitely see something popping up there.

This is also very useful for those who stream with only one screen, as you don't have to check chat on your phone or a tablet. If you have your OBS set up to capture your whole screen or overlays as well, it will show up in your stream.

(tried to add an image to show you how it looks but I think we have issue with uploading images atm)

Here is the link where you can get it from:

And here is a great tutorial on how to set it up:

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I'd say having three screens is a must for streaming, I personally prefer to keep OBS on my left, with chat/setup on there, Game on the center screen, and my right screen is the browser, for music or looking things up. Or sometimes just to find random fun things to have on stream.

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Pretty obvious choice, but a Stream Deck is has been pretty life-changing. Sure, it costs a fair bit, but helps so much with streams feeling professional and more high-end. Being able to string together complex sequences of actions in OBS, not having to navigate anywhere on screen to get to it, it's great. Plus if you're also further into the Elgato ecosystem, with stuff like their lights, it's a great control hub.

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Homemade stream deck!

For not much money at all you can make your own streamdeck!

Here was my parts list:

BEYEE Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder PC to Joystick For MAME & Raspberry Pi Retropie Projects (2Pin+4.8mm) : Outlet

Larcele 10x 12mm Waterproof Momentary Push Button Automatic Return Button Switch ANKG-01 (Black) : Automotive

Red Illuminated LED Toggle Switch with Carbon Missile Style Cover Car Dash 12V : DIY & Tools

Therpin DIY Waterproof Electronic ABS Plastic Project Junction Box Enclosure 200mm x 120mm x 75mm (Black) : DIY & Tools

Mini Momentary Push Button Switch for Model Railway Hobby 7mm Pack of 10 Red : Toys & Games

Once you have your parts, the process is really simple.

Decide on a button configuration.

I use the missile buttons for start and stop stream.

top row right is:

introduction to stream, brand splash screen, LIVE

bottom row is:

BRB, opsec, and Raid.

Measure out the box, and drill the holes, and install the buttons.

Get the circuit board, and connect the cables to the board.

Download joytokey - this translates a button push into the key binding for OBS transitions etc.

I soldered the cables so to keep them from dropping off etc.

All in, cost me around 30 quid, and i have spare buttons (all the red buttons are not in use, so i have room for expansion)

This is a nice starter piece and really super cheap to make - and a hell of a lot of fun to do so!

If anyone feels motivated to do the same, ding me!


Ok for this I actually would say something many may not think about, and that's a light. The Legato Key Light, why might you ask is this an essential bit of kit that makes the stream life easier, well let me give a few quick reasons why I think its a worthy addition to your setup!

  1. The Legato Key Light is VERY bright, like professional level bright, it can feel like the sun is sitting directly above your desk, which is great as it can produce that natural light effect if required. You can also change the brightness and light tones easily through the software on your PC!

  2. It connects wirelessly to your PC via the legato software which allows you to make changes to your lighting in just a few clicks!

  3. For even easier controlling of your on stream / camera lighting it integrates seamlessly with the Legato Stream Deck so you can just press a button on the device to make changes on the fly without having to use your mouse and click on the software which is ideal during a stream.

  4. It DOESNT get hot like other professional lamps can! I can't understate how nice this is, as its all LED's its a lot cooler than lights with a bulb in them which can get very hot, and when your streaming with all your gaming rig and monitors giving off heat it can get very warm so its nice that this doesn't add to that problem, this also makes it more energy efficient too!

  5. Its sturdy, it has a really handy desk clamp which I have clamped onto my standing desk which can be positioned easily anywhere you like, and as its on the side of your desk it doesn't take up any desk space either which is a win win!

  6. Its reasonably priced for a professional bit of kit, and I got mine back when I went on a spending spree of new gear and surprisingly I use this the most, even more than my stream deck as this is also amazing for when recording videos or you just need a good light when its dark! Also there is smaller versions available now too which are less expensive if your thinking of giving them a go!

  7. Last but not least I genuinely haven't had a bad legato product yet, Ive had 2 different capture cards, the stream deck, the key light, the wave DX mic and the wave xlr and its all been fantastic as the software always is getting updates too! Hopefully this helps someone and any questions please drop me a comment! :)


PS I forgot to say this is all important as you want your viewers to be able to see you clearly and not be sat in a dark room like I used to be haha


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