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MrHappy is one of the FFXIV streamers I watch regularly. Since we know that the new alliance raid in the upcoming FFXIV expansion Dawntrail will be based on FFXI, many players would like to experience the story and world of the first Final Fantasy mmo, which might not be as easy as it sounds, it's an old game and can be a bit slow and challenging by today's gaming standards.

So MrHappy, who is a veteran player of both FFXI and FFXIV started an event where he's helping returning or new players through the story of FFXI. I really love to see such streams where veteran players help the newcommers to clear all sorts of content, let that be a high-end raid or just simply a story of an older game.

He's streaming currently on Twitch and Youtube, here is the link for today's Youtube session (I hope it will stay visible even after the stream ended, if not then I'll update the post and include a link to the Twitch vod as well.)

Posting the Twitch vod as the Youtube stream is not available to watch once it's ended.

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I am selecting this video because of how it was done, every day you spend in a supermarket you get 10k, this of course sounds super easy but not when that 10k a day means you have to sell 10k of what's in the supermarket itself.

The gentleman who was chosen was very confident and had a lot of fun to start with but as more and more of the supermarket was sold off (Mr. Beast donated the 10k sold per day to charity) it became very hard and of course, the man began to miss his family but he had to foresight to understand he didn't need to win millions.

He decided he only needed to be there for 50 days to get the 500k he needed to make his IRL plans a reality, I think with MrBeast videos it's very easy to see how hard these situations can be on a person's mental health, the sudden rift it can cause when you're not with your partner and children and how he maturely handled the situation, of course, there was bedlam and he destroyed a lot of the supermarket for fun, but who wouldn't!

So this video has it all, emotion, fun, hilarity, bedlam, and of course the happy ending we all want in such YouTube videos.


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