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While I would love to do more Christmas content, it's rather restrictive what you can do in tech. While I do somewhat decorate my space for videos in December, that's about it. I have started to do a Christmas QnA to round out the year of content, but it's also rather difficult to pull off with a smaller audience. As the channel grows, I do definitely want to go in more on the Christmas theme each year, with maybe unique channel icons and banners across various social media, and more Christmas-related content.

However, this year I started a new tradition, that being sending out unique, custom Christmas cards to any $10+ patrons.

Some colourful lighting and an overlay can really bring in the festive vibes! 🟢❄️🔴❄️🟢

You see, we do this every year :) Yes I know I need a shave, my wife keeps telling me! Massive Thanks to team member Demon for providing the funds/ships for this :)

On our community discord we have traditionally done the following:

  1. opt-in giveaways

  2. secret santa

  3. festive fleets

Both these videos are totally worth a watch: SECRET SANTA 2023 (

SECRET SANTA ( not to mention the 2022 versions... FUN INC SECRET SANTA 2022 (

FUN INC SECRET SANTA 2022 2 ( At FUN INC, we can't get enough of the xmas vids!!

We also rebrand the discord server icon too to add that festive flair!

What better way to celebrate Christmas as a Bearded gamer than with a glittery Santa costume and beard baubles!? Add into that community games (with Christmas modes or decor) and incentives and you've got yourself a ripper time!

Those beard baubles are amazing! They really complete the look😆 Definitely need to add them to my festive wardrobe!

For me the best thing is usually community games like Rifftrax and Jackbox style stuff around Christmas and New Years. I know the holidays aren't always a happy time for some people and they can feel lonely so I try to get people together to just hang where possible.

This is usually coupled with me dressing in an elf dress - though I must admit I probably won't fit into it this year and don't need a sexy elf wardrobe malfunction XD or who knows, maybe that's the viral sensation I need...

I'll also throw on some 8 bit versions of Christmas songs too - I don't want to be responsible for bringing Whamageddon on people!

I haven't done it this year but using a recent tradition from my family I have done Elf charades - using an elf on the shelf I take a photo of them doing something and say whether it's a film, tv show, song etc. and people just had to guess in discord or use channel points on stream to guess it.

That's a really nice way to bring people together 🙂 I'd love to hear some of the 8 bit Christmas songs!

I know it's not exactly a Christmas song, but the music from James Pond 2: RoboCod will always make me feel festive.

I usually celebrate by spreading good cheer for all to hear by having some community games live streams where everyone can take part in the fun, usually I select free to play games like fortnite, fall guys or rocket league which are popular as most people already have them and if not they can download them,(oh and we usually pick xmas themed skins too in game) then the icing on top is usually some marbles on stream as everyone ion chat usually loves getting involved and I really enjoy taking part by giving my expert commentary on all the carnage! Also if possible I try and do some giveaways, last year I was lucky enough to get a batch of games to give away to my community which was fantastic as hopefully it brought a little bit of joy to someone at this time of year, especially as the holidays can be a tough time for some people.


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