EVE Online

EVE Online
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That's pretty cool! I wonder if this will serve as a way for new players to dip their toe into the EVE universe before trying EVE Online. Either way I love a good strategy board game 😁

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Same here! Anything that'll get me around the tabletop with friends until the wee hours of the morning

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My Question❓

How did you approach balancing the various aspects of gameplay, such as diplomacy, resource management, and combat, to make it engaging for players?

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Why are the figures not in the style of 40K Warhammer? I can see from here which the quality is just another themed board game. Singe Color, plastic nonesens, nothing haptic.

I hope which the first picture is just a preview and not the final form. Beside that here comes the hammer.

2023, did you consider do involve multimedia into the game? Like getting started with an intro VID, or interactive bla bla bla or is it just another Boardgame?

Don´t get me wrong... I love the idea, but i am scared which it will just be another one.


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