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This one is a great fit with a fun story behind it! It's not quite PvP, but rather PvEvP >:)

My stream content involves running Superior Sleeper Caches, which are a very dangerous and very rewarding exploration site. While I was inside of one of these sites, someone else warped into the site and started working on the Sentry Room while I was still in the Solar Power Plant. Seeing him on the Dscan window and knowing that he was attempting to stick his fingers in my site, I knew I had to act. I quickly logged my alt character in, jumped to the system, and then warped to my main character.

Upon landing in the Sentry Room, I started overheating my afterburner and burned into lock range of the Plasma Chamber. I shot at the chamber, causing it to destabilize and explode, dealing 250k Explosive damage to everything in the radius. At first, I was unsure if I had killed him, but then I saw his ship disappear. After checking the loot, I was dumbfounded at the value of it all.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we got 'em"




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