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My 18yr old is watching this and loves it. Once I finish the Clone Wars (which I just started watching) this is next on my animated series list.

I finished watching the clone wars last year, I didnt think I would enjoy it as much as I did.

I loved that show as a kid. As well as being amazing, it was also the first kids cartoon/show to have a continuous story rather then being contained to one eppisode with the occasional second part.

I think for me that hit with Teen Titans (and maybe The Simpsons). Where there would be an overarching storyline throughout the season but then more character driven arcs explored through monster of the week type episodes. It's a nice mix of both where it can be syndicated and watched out of order but then hopefully the longer form storylines would keep viewers coming back

I finished it this weekend, and I couldn't agree more. What a fantastic, mature reboot! So much great fan service coupled with high-quality voice acting, animation, music, writing and storytelling! I'm now watching New Rockstars episode-by-episode breakdown - which has a greater runtime than the show itself - testament to how much work they've put in.

Spoilers, of course, but I recommend it for once you're finished:

Thanks for the YT recommendation! I'll give it a watch through. Absolutely - I think even if you're not a fan of X-Men this is still a great jumping off point.

I think a lot of X-Men media is a little too focussed on individual mutants i.e. Wolverine which is fine but the core appeal of X-Men I felt is the way it explores a very real and relatable theme of -phobias (Xenophobia, Homophobia) or being different in a world that is prejudice. It's a theme that isn't really explored too much in the films where it's more boiled down to action

Very true. Wolverine is awesome and all, but X-Men '97 delivers a lot more than slashing claws and gravel-voiced putdowns. I really like how they've dealt with politics in it, especially considering X-Men was originally inspired by the US's civil rights movement. I think '97 follows in that path admirably.


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