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I'm old so I remember looking at certain bulletin boards, but I never really engaged with them to any degree I could call me part of that community. The first real one was Channel 4's chat room in the very early 2000s. It was a little Java applet based thing, very basic with none of the features you'd expect today but I spent a lot of time on there.

Eurogamer was next, and I'm still there! I think my account on there is nearly 20 years old now (although I can't tell as the change over to their new platform broke my account creation date as displayed on my profile)

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I think my first online community was built for fans of some obscure Korean handheld games console. Japanese games were banned until the early 2000s, so an enterprising Korean company came up with something called the "Gamepark GP32". They didn't think to put any kind of DRM gumpf on the console, so it managed to accumulate a small community of homebrew developers.

The console was sort of rubbish, all things considered, and looking back, we were all a bunch of unbearable hipsters who thought we were cool because we'd overthrown the shackles of Nintendo's closed garden, but I do miss the days when it was quite an exciting development to learn that someone had managed to find a way to squeeze an extra 2 fps out of their janky handheld Quake port.

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Mine was Gamewinners at the age of about 13, which was a cheat code website that had some forums attached to it.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I once put a troll post in a Dragon Ball Z forum, making fun of people that liked Dragon Ball Z. Perhaps as embarrassing is that I actually thought they were talking about Digimon. I have no idea why I thought that, but at the time Digimon was the subject of a feud between one of my brothers and I. He insisted Digimon was best, I insisted Pokemon was best.

No shade intended on Digimon.

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Doh! I wrote a long response to this but it got eaten by the server gremlins. Here's the tldr...

I think my first community experience was on usenet (or perhaps in c. '95 but the one that truly sparked everything was (and QuakeNet IRC more generally). It was incredible: talking to people in real-time over the internet and finding out they had the same interest and excitement for something so cutting edge, and what was so clearly going to be The Future: online multiplayer games!

Being part of that early Quake community (Wireplay, Barrysworld, Gamespy, Jolt etc!) inspired Nick and I to run the UK LAN Party at The Playing Fields in London, which led to the EuroQuake event in '99 and then ultimately starting Eurogamer. And now we're here, nearly 30 years later...


My first community forum was for an electronics company called whom I used fequently when building PC’s for relatives and friends so I kind of knew their procedures quite well but left there after a while as some people didn’t know the difference from another customer to staff and got fed up being verbally abused don’t know what happened but they no longer have a forum now . Then frequented the Asus forum for a while, more recently since 2016 i’ve been a part of the Sky forums mostly posting and helping people having problems with Sky Q

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I think my first online community was Lego's official forums. It was a fun place to talk about Legos and related stuff with other people as a kid. It was sad to see it shut down, but I have to admit I am relieved that a ton of cringy things I said and did aren't preserved, lol.


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