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I think these do cover a wide range of reactions I would want to do on a post, I do think they should be re-ordered. I'm sure you are collecting data on this, but I think they should be ordered in the most to least used and my guess on that order would be.

  • Like - Tends to be the default on social media thanks to Facebook

  • Love - People tend to use this for posts which deeply connect with them, this is the second emoji on Facebook for the reason that it tends to be the second most popular, I think the same is true here.

  • Funny - I think this platform has the potential to have a lot of humorous posts, so having this as a third icon I think is useful. Humour is a strong engagement driver on social media so it makes sense to prioritise this.

  • Helpful - Helpful really depends on the community, for example a gaming community is less likely to have a helpful reaction be used than a community which is asking for legal advice or offering tips.

  • Excellent - This emoji is the one I'm not sure perfectly fits, why would someone rate something excellent over love or like? Its a higher level of praise, so I presume people may use this for high tier content only, but I can see it not being used much.

  • Respect - This seems very niche and I'm not sure will be used much, I can see people reacting on this if someone does something epic or amazing, but it doesn't strike me as scoring more than a like or love.

What could replace Excellent and Respect?

  • Celebrate (Tada emoji) - Reaction when someone is celebrating something, I almost feel like this would be more used in replacement of the Excellent reaction.

  • Wow (Emoji) - Or perhaps something like an Epic emoji, I feel like this would serve better than the respect emoji, because saying "Wow" to something is a form of showing the poster respect.

Some other suggestions of reactions:

This is highly dependent on the community direction, but these I guess could be seen as negative reactions, but I think they could be important to allow freedom of expression on the platform

  • Huh!? (Confused face) - A reaction is the content is puzzling or confusing, sort of a light hearted way of saying im really confused by what this post is saying or doing.

  • Angry - Facebook uses this one, usually its for people who are emphasising with the poster and saying that the content also makes them angry.

Community specific reactions:

When user communities come around, an option for the community managers of those communities to add custom emoji reactions would be a nice neat way to engage the communities and add some custom flair to them.

Yup, you've got it.

We'll see how things go with the respect emoji, it feels like a good option to de-escalate a tense discussion - if it's used in that way.

'Negative' emoji's are something that we've talked about. It's too early to make commitments, but it's possible we comeback to them in the future.

The examples you mention (celebrate and wow) are the kind of options that would be a good fit, and I do like the idea of community specific emoji's - Tom made a few custom designs in our Slack channel, and they're used all the time...something to consider. 🤔

Like the array!

On negative reactions, it's not important now but they may be important later when you start dealing with self-serving, spammy or promotional content on the platform. The community will need a method of sinking content that goes against its values. Reactions might not even be the best approach to that (Reddit has downvotes, YouTube has dislikes., but it's one option.

One reaction I always liked is LinkedIn's "support" reaction - just to show that you're nodding your head in agreement and empathise with the author.


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