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Cheers for opening up the alpha! Glad to be here, been poking around this morning and enjoying the vibes.

Edit: getting outed because I reworded 'thanks' to 'cheers' because 'thanks' isn't chill enough.

Cheers/thanks for coming!

I'm wondering if Just About has plans to include:

  • A comments and posts section in the profile (so you can easily find those comments and posts you've made).

  • Categories within communities to help organise posts (perhaps using tags)

  • Options for users to filter posts in their communities feed by category or tag.

  • Following feature - to see posts by certain users

  • Customisable profile pages for visitors to browse a user's favourite posts (including their own and others)

We're looking at making changes in partnership with members, so your suggestions guide our thinking.

Broadly speaking;

  • A comments and posts section in the profile is something that we've discussed and will be looking at

  • Filtering/organising posts within communities and managing your feed is also something that we're looking at

  • Customisable profile pages is on the radar too

  • I'll make a note of a follow feature


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