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Thursday 13th July, 17:10

Version: alpha-1.15.0

New & Improved

  • There is now a page dedicated to Bounties (linked from the top nav and bounty carousel)

Bugs & Optimisations 🐞

  • Users are now redirected to the platform if they're already signed in and visit the sign-up page

  • Reduced the image payload size on all threads

  • Fixed issues with cache that stopped display names from updating

  • Fixed issue where updated images were not showing correctly

  • Fixed issue where new lines after links were inserted in the Post Editor

  • Resolved issue where Android users couldn't reply without adding a new line

  • YouTube links embed when using the YT short link

  • We fixed an issue where users could not be edited via the admin panel

  • We plugged a leak of inactive communities in the communities API which was showing in-active communities


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