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This is a really difficult question to answer because a lot boils down to technical details of the JustAbout system itself and what would actually be possible for the community to provide here and not on say their own small site or part of a bigger site with a load of technical support and functionality.

For JA to really succeed in my view, and make it stand out from the crowd, is content/tools that can be created in the platform itself easily by the community to encourage them to create here and not elsewhere. That brings up a lot of technical, and of course, security questions with regards to what can be created and delivered.

Tools are key and every community on JA is going to have different requirements. When I say tools, I am talking about things such as say character planners, mapping tools, calculators. These are the things that drive traffic and help swell a community and are likely to be shared.

I have experimented a lot with this in games such as Elden Ring, Cyberpunk and Diablo and it's amazing what tools appear, which fail and which suceed.

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I had assumed Just About was going to be a social media site. A place to share text, pictures and video. Where you see news feeds and respond to topics that interest you.

I am hoping that communities are given tools to design themselves, to set up how they appear to visitors.

I'd love tools to organise content into relevant sections to facilitate browsing so visitors can find what they are looking for, rather than just seeing what's hot right now. In essence a well designed wiki that links in with content posted to the feed. Or even user home pages that can be customised so that people can showcase their favourite content and recommend it to others.

I like the idea of users having the ability to curate and promote great content, and build up a following.


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