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A lot of really good questions!

Ultimately we do want JA members to be able to set up their own communities - but as you say, it's not ideal if we ended up with multiple spaces set up to discuss the exact same game/film/whatever it may be.

The idea of sub-groups within communities (as well as 'parent' topics) is something we've discussed a lot, as has the extent to which community rules/expectations can differ across communities while always maintaining the platform's core values.

The biggest thing we can do is recognise and rewards our members - and moderators - for contributing in ways which are beneficial to the whole, and handling disagreements (which are inevitable!) attentively and sensitively.

There's no doubt that certain groups will splinter over time, just as perhaps others will want to band together. I think our job is to listen to the needs of our members as we grow, and provide tools that allow people to enjoy and engage with JA in a variety of ways - while also acknowledging that it won't be for everyone.

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I like the idea of sub groups within the community...

Would posts to the sub groups be visible at the whole community level (like in a main feed) or would posting it to a sub group keep it there?

Alternatively could members opt to make posts to both the wider community and a selected sub group at the same time?

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These are very good ideas, it would make it easy for people to adjust how much content they want to see or who they want to share their content with. Keeping the platform a clean and easy to navigate structure.

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Something like the latter, but also allowing individual members to set their own preferences in terms of which posts they do/don't want to see


Subchannels under particular game title I think would be an option if people want to splinter off. There is no doubt some people who are late to the party will still want to be in control of their own "channel". As Discord has loads of communities for a game, I could see something similar applying here out of necessity.

For the average browser of JA, they could choose/subscribe to a game "topic" and then see all the communities within it and choose which to join.

If the JA team wants to highlight useful content that's been posted on the sub-channels, that could be displayed under the main title name page.

So for example:

Topic (GTA6) - Show sub channels list and top content from all subs | | --- GTA6 Sub Chan1 | --- GTA6 Sub Chan2 | --- GTA6 Sub Chan3


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