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I voted yes, but I do think there should be something more when you hover over the number of reactions.

MrTomFTW's avatar

Yes here too, and I think it should at least let you see how many of each reaction you got. Like are my posts more funny than they are respectful? 😁

Rupert's avatar

If you answered, "I'd prefer to see who's reacted to posts from myself and others", I'd be interested in knowing what your motivation/thinking is, if you're willing to share...

I'm guilty of sometimes checking "Who liked my post?" on linkedin, Facebook etc... but I don't know if it's necessarily healthy or not!

FUN INC's avatar

why not have the ability to react anonymously or not?

Damien Mason's avatar

I think it should be a choice in your personal settings. Showcase people that don't mind being public and haven't opted out, anonymise those who've ticked the option in their settings.

Ford James's avatar

Agree allowing users to choose their preference is best, but otherwise think defaulting to anonymous works better than forcing every reaction to be visible.

Philip's avatar

I don't see a need for identifying who reacted to your post. They are a very superficial response anyway.

Being identified by your comments is enough, it indicates a deeper and more personal level of engagement.

Now I can see the advantage of identifying 'likes' on Facebook when it concerns people who are your friends, as it can help you check whose seen your message, but in a public space like Just About it feels wrong for strangers to be able to keep tabs on you like that.

I do find it a bit off putting how Facebook's feature of identifying likes applies to all groups you belong to (including large public groups), I'd prefer if it was limited to friends.

Rupert's avatar

I concur! I think you've explained it really well, and there's a big difference between seeing reactions from friends or colleagues (ie Facebook linkedin) vs fellow community members (YouTube, Just About, reddit etc).


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