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'Xitter' made me laugh XD

It's an interesting one with Twitch, it's definitely good for a creator point of view as you might have followers who prefer one platform over the other, and this way you can please them both. I tried to read the rules but it wasn't quite clear about what is allowed or not regarding showing chat on stream, so I'll wait a bit with trying this out until I see what other creators are doing.

From a business point of view it might mean that there will be less subscribers on Twitch if they can watch the same content on Youtube? How will it work for the creator if they have monetisation on Twitch and Youtube both? Or if only on one platform but not the other?

Personally I like the idea of being able to share content from one platform to another, as you might have a preference for certain content being on certain platform as it works better viewership-wise or in content format, but if you want to you can still share it somewhere else without worry.


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