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I'm glad I got a chance to see Pixies (Reading, 2005). I didn't really know their music beforehand, only their reputation, but they were incredible!

Are there any other bands like them that you'd recommend?

Good question! Like Tom suggested, The Breeders are definitely worth listening to if you haven't already. Also I'd recommend Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth and The Lemonheads. Umm beyond that, Stereolab, Sea Power, Mitski, Preoccupations, Pavement, Dilly Dally... all varying levels of "like Pixies"!

Well that's my playlist sorted for the day! Thanks 😎

I'm tracking this thread with interest. Looking forward to hearing what Boomer makes of Breeders, Sea Power, and especially Sonic Youth 👀

Crime & Punishment 'eh?! What makes that your fav Thomas? I can't say it made that big of an impression on me but I don't think I'd quite got what that soviet writing style was all about by that point 🤷

Also, I'm waiting with baited breath for a 'The Breeders' shout-out for Boomer above 👀

I dunno, it just really spoke to me at the time, it kind of changed my outlook on the world because at the start of the book I thought the main character was very relatable and by the end I realised that he sucked!

I think I get that. There's something weirdly persuasive about that methodical amoral logic but it gets torn down pretty well when it meets the more empathetic characters like Sonya. It reminds me a bit of A Clockwork Orange where the protagonist just sort of grows out of their odd motivations

I just got through playing The Invincible, which has a lot of that bleak soviet atmosphere to it. The very matter-of-fact way of dealing with a situation. It's based on Stanislaw Lem's book of the same name which is about 100 years younger than Crime & Punishment and probably more in the sphere of the great Russian Sci-fi novellas like 'Roadside Picnic' and 'We', but that intangible aspect of the Eastern Bloc sensibility that was nascent in Dostoevsky is definitely very present.

Hey Thomas nice to meet you.

Plumber or king that's quite a diverse job palette there 😂

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