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This is a great point. We have a loose idea to rework how @usernames and Display names work, so this feedback is well timed!

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I can see how this might be useful to some members, but I think this would eventually cause problems.

For example, if members can have different aliases then it would make it possible to impersonate another account. The way to prevent this would be to lock aliases so each one must be unique, but then it means single members would be locking out multiple aliases, which would reduce the options available to new members.

Also, having multiple aliases would make it more difficult for moderators to do their job, as it is harder to tell at a glance which profiles are connected. We would still be able to, but it would slow the process down, meaning we wouldn't be able to respond to incidents as fast.

There might be a way to make all of this work, but at the moment I can't see how without making it harder to keep members safe on the platform.


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