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I would have to go to my mum's attic to get my stuff, but I do miss it, I know that YouTube music is easier etc, but I do miss stores like HMV etc


Yeah I enjoyed a trip to HMV even though it was so overpriced, you could get some cool stuff in it!

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I remember buying my weekly "singles" CD's from the "top 40" area in HMV lol


awww singles were such a bargain lol as I kid I used to love trying to get my parents to buy me one as they were only like 2 or 3 £ lol

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I recently went through all my CDs and got a big pang of nostalgia. I haven't bought a new one for a few years since my car doesn't have a player now. Most music I listen to is via Spotify but I have got a growing collection of vinyl now as well

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I will definitely share some pics of my record collection soon!

Some of it is stuff I bought myself others are the result of the dissolution of my dad's record collection.

The story being when my parents were selling the family home he didn't want to have to pack up the records knowing he wouldn't listen to them again so he said to my younger sister and I that we could divvy it up for ourselves, BUT - the rule being we had to make piles of records:

  1. Stuff I wanted and my sister didn't

  2. Stuff my sister wanted and I didn't

  3. Stuff we both wanted.

Once we had the remaining pile of stuff we both wanted we took it in turns to choose a record from the pile and add it to our collection. Now, I knew there was stuff my sister would kill for so I was sneaky and said I wanted it to despite having no desire for it at all, knowing she'd have to pick it leaving me more chance to get the ones I wanted. Was it devious? Yes. Did it all work out in the end? Yes. My sister ended up giving me a bunch of the records years later anyway!

I've recently started adding video game soundtracks to my vinyl collection and my latest obsession is starting a record collection for my newborn daughter! Alkaline Trio's latest album was released on her due date so that was a no brainer, and last night I picked up a record of Catbite who were supporting Hot Water Music. As seen below!


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