I'm not a cricket fan but as I went to a school that was cricket mad I had a few friends who were pretty obsessed.

The biggest memory for me , and probably off the back of my friends' excitement is the 2005 Ashes win for England - knocking Australia down when they were arguably at the peak of their powers and everything being so closely fought. The likes of Flintoff, Ponting, Pietersen and Warne all battling it out and it going down to the final game is the kind of script you want - especially when you add in that England won the 2nd test by 2 runs!!

The kind of cricket that kept you on the Edgbaston of your seat.

Exactly the same situation for me. Played a little during school because friends loved it, but could never properly get into it as a fan myself. But that era of Vaughan, Flintoff, Pietersen, Trescothick, then Cook and Broad a couple years later is definitely when I followed it the most. Also because when I'd be pulling a sickie from school, I'd often just have Sky Sports News on in the background while playing RuneScape all day long...

This is an impressive compilation! Is there a specific clip in this video that stands out as your favourite, and for any particular reason?

How about that final over of the 2019 World Cup? England v New Zealand, incredible tension. It just gave me chills watching it back.

My dad is a massive cricket fan and I've never gotten into it until the world cup in 2019 where England one against New Zealand. England needed 15 runs off the last over (6 balls) and it kept getting closer and closer and closer. It went down to 3 runs from 2 balls. Me my dad and brother were all watching this together in suspense being from england. The first time we've ever all (voluntarily lol) watched it together. It went to a tie then into a super over. It literally went down to the very last ball which resulted in England winning the cup as they tied but won on a boundary rule! It was so dramatic you couldn't write it! Like winning the world cup in the 123rd minute!

I'm going to go with Brian Lara's 400 Not Out, around 2004 I think it was?

Essentially it is the highest to this date (possibly) individual score in test cricket history. Pushing for more than 13 hours basically handed his team a major victory.

I only know of this one because my foster dad got super excited about it and explained it to me :P


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