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It said lego so I used lego.... In my defence here... They don't exactly have ancient greek style lego :P

P.S I am not posting this on twitter :P People will think I've gone nuts xD

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Hey Ford, was the video not what was wanted?

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Hey EveOnlineTutorials, apologies for the delay. I was on annual leave the day this bounty closed, then we had some internal discussions that meant it took a while to get awarded. It's our aim to award bounties within 24 hours of them closing, but not our guarantee; we'll take a little longer sometimes.

We were hoping for a little more action in the submissions to this bounty and a bit more of a sense of story, but we recognise we could've been clearer on this in the description and that your submission meets the brief, so have awarded it now. Many thanks for your patience and the effort you went to here!

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No no you did not need to do that. If the mini film was not up to scratch that’s absolutely fine and I will do better next time. I ant to make sure that my bounty entries are good.


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