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That's great, I'm glad you're having a good time! 😄

Anger Foot is coming up in a lot of members' lists, so I'll have to check it out on Saturday. I really love the art style of 30 Birds! Is it weird that all the screenshots make me want to have a stained-glass window in my home?😅

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People have been having a ton of fun on Anger Foot! I was all over the show floor yesterday, today and looking forward to talking to as many people as I still can tomorrow so if you are there again and see me in my Just About t-shirt, come say hey. Don't forget to check out our WASD bounties because its sounds like some of the reviews have your name on them: https://justabout.com/wasd?tag=bounty&tag=platform-rewards

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Anger Foot was absolutely terrific. I also had a great time playing Conscript, which is a pixel horror with some Soulslike elements set during WW1.


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