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For me its sci-fi and fantacy. Somthing about the settings really speaks to me and this also spills over in to my other interests of video and table top games.

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SciFi & Fantasy for me.

I read the Halo Books, Warhammer, Ready Player 1 & 2.

My fav Fantasy authors are David Eddings (sadly passed away, rest in peace friend) Raymond E Fiest (Magician being the main love in his books)

So many books I own, around 500, I love reading.

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I love sci-fi and fantasy too (currently reading the Wheel of Time), but I think Historical Fiction is my most-read genre, specifically Bernard Cornwell.

I was talking about Stonehenge: A Novel of 2000 BC just yesterday in fact!

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I went through a phase of obsessively reading Sharpe novels one after the other. Consistently exciting. Bernard is brilliant.

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I like how he hides pulp fiction behind a layer of good historical research.

Have you tried any of his other series? The Last Kingdom scratches the same itch IMO

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I'm not much of a reader nowadays but I absolutely adore Haruki Murakami books. I love the way he writes about the most mundane activities and then juxtaposes it with surreal the mystical elements that creates the mystery and drama. Sadly he doesn't write a lot of novels but when he does, you know I'm going to be buying the 1st edition hardback version. You will also know he's written a novel too as it'll be on the 'worst written sex scene in a novel' annual award..


I read one of Murakami's works (Dance Dance Dance) and I have others on the list... coming from fantasy and scifi, it was... interesting... something of a trip... something quite different from the authors I'm used to.

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It's impossible for me to pick one. My top genres are Fantasy, historical fiction, and literary fiction- the classics. Books from these genres are the ones that I can delve into and be taken to a different world for a while!

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I voted grounded speculative, but the sad reality is that all I really read are research papers and journals 😭


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