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Thanks, there are some great podcasts here! 😁

I'll have to recommend Lore to my partner, as I think she'd love it 😄 Things Fell Apart is more my speed. I listen to a similar one called How Do You Like It So Far? which is about popular culture and civic engagement.

Tom - I didn't know if 99% Invisible is one you'd be interested in?

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I've listened to a few bits of 99% Invisible but I tend to use podcasts to entertain me and broaden my horizons so 99% Invisible is a bit of a busman's holiday TBH.

I loved Things Fell Apart though. In general, I tend to be quite a completionist with podcasts so I feel compelled to listen to every episode. As a result, I tend to only have one back catalogue challenge on at a time Currently that's The Adam Buxton Podcast, and next in the queue is John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme

Most of my favourites are comedy podcasts. In order for me to test out the new bullets formatting in the new post composer, my go-to 100%-ers are:

  • Three Bean Salad

  • Elis James & John Robins

  • This American Life (and all it's spin offs)

    • Serial

    • S-Town

    • The Retrievals

    • Nice White Parents

    • The Improvement Association

    • The Trojan Horse Affair

    • The Kids of Rutherford County

    • The Coldest Case in Laramie

  • The Beef & Dairy Network

  • How Do You Cope?

  • No Such Thing as a Fish

  • Off Menu

  • St Elwick's Neighbourhood Association Newsletter podcast

  • The Always Sunny Podcast

  • Athletico Mince

  • Sound Heap with John Luke Roberts

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as English is my second language I have never heard the term “busman’s holiday” before and have no idea what it means. lol.

One to look up later. Haha.

Yes all the American life and their spin offs are great.

This reminded me of a couple of others.

  • The infinite monkey cage

  • Dr death

  • Fake heiress

  • So you’ve been publicly shamed

unsure why as they aren’t comedy and not necessarily about broadening horizons but I think it was the list of the serial podcasts that did it. :)

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The Infinite Monkey Cage is great!

A "busman's holiday" comes from when people would go on holiday in the UK on a bus. So a "busman's holiday" is when you do the same thing in your leisure time as you do in your work time - i.e. a bus driver taking a bus.

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I love that. I have never heard it before, even though I have lived in the UK since 1999. :D

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That's fair, I can appreciate that 😊

Honestly I'm surprised we have so few crossovers though! 😆 I'd considered The Always Sunny Podcast but I'm saving it for a rewatch of the show, and me and my partner listen to No Such Thing.

My current list includes:

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I will have to check out that how do you like it so far one. I’ve already listened to some of the gaming ones on my walk today and yesterday. Enjoyed a discussion on micro transactions that was on one of them

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I don't listen to loads of podcasts.. but i love the guardian news weekly one!

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That's fair! It's so hard to keep up with them 😅

I've not listened to The Guardian podcasts. Are they a general news roundup or is it more like a discussion on the big stories of the week?

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It goes super in depth into one news story of the week! It's really good to get a greater insight :)

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That's cool, I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation 😊

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Sorry @boomer gotta say I'm disappointed by your lack of recommending Burnie's Morning Somewhere 30 minutes of delightful talk about tech news, gaming, and Scottish/ UK wonders from the minds of Emmy Nominated Burnie Burns and his lovely wife Ashley Jenkins. Best of all it's everyday (excluding weekends)

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To be fair I've just added it to my latest reply 😆

I just lost it at the segment on the Ignorance is Bliss episode (13th March) where they talk about shocking news reveals! This is exactly what I was imagining they were like recoding it 😂

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I am adding this to my list. Having a look it looks great for my 20 minute walks. Thanks ofor mentioning it


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