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Its no secret to anyone who knows me, and should anyone who knows me read this, they'd instantly know it was me. I have developed a love for Baldurs Gate 3. This game very promptly took over my entire life.

Many fans favourite a certain character, known as Astarion. He's a charming soul and pretty much the entire community is thirsting over him. I'm certainly not one of those and have chosen another character as my one true love, but one of the greatest things I've seen on the internet this week is the voice actor for Astarion, Neil Newborn, playing Baldurs Gate 3. I have loved hearing his insights into the game, generally stuff he experienced behind the scenes. I love anything that breaks down the barrier between gamers and the creators of the games that we all know and love. Since I discovered Neils playthrough I've been watching it every night as I'm falling asleep excited to see what choices and decisions he makes and how he approaches situations that I've just played through myself.

I think another thing I love about it is that Neil Newbon isn't an experienced or well versed streamer, so the whole playthrough feels really raw and authentic and even though he voice acted one of the main characters he still seems so amazed by the world and so into what he's doing.

Heres the link to his entire playthrough starting from character creation all the way through to the end of act 1:

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Oh I love how approachable and down to Earth voice actors are for certain games. Could you include a link in your bounty submission to Neil's playthrough so we can watch it too?

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Of course! I have added it in now. I never even considered to do this! I also agree, voice actors are such a special breed in the gaming world and the last couple of years I've realised they truly are the unsung heroes of games. A truly good VA just brings new life to a game.

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Thank you, I know what I'll be watching if my plane is delayed!

For bounty submissions like this it's required to share the link to the content so the team can check it, make sure it meets the bounty criteria, so then you can get rewarded if your entry will be chosen as one of the winners.

But even if it's not for a bounty, feel free to share any great content you come across in a new discussion, we love to explore new things here!

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It's so endearing when these incredibly talented people are just so humble and warm. I would love to have a podcast with Neil and Troy Baker! I think they'd have such a great time sharing stories and celebrating each others' work.

To be fair, a rotating cast of those two, Laura Bailey, Jen Taylor, Nolan North, and Dee Bradley Baker would be so good!

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This will be a bit bittersweet post, but I think what happened to one of my favourite content creators shows why Just About is so important, to have a safe place where we can be ourselves and do what we love. Where people support and appreciate each other.

How long does it take to clear an ultimate raid in FFXIV? Depends how many hours you are progging a week. If you only raid one day a week, it could take you a year... and 1573 wipes like it took for JoCat (it's quite a long video, but it's worth watching the intro and the ending at least from about 20:30):

JoCat dedicated this ultimate prog and the clear to raise money for a charity which is fighting for trans rights. The community raised almost £56.000. After every wipe he donated $1 to the cause.

Sadly this was the last video JoCat uploaded before going on a hiatus due to the bullying, harassment and threats he had to face in the past year. He's an absolutely brilliant creator, with fresh ideas, brought us funny and top quality content. And he's one of the kindest souls you can find in the FFXIV community.

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SPOILER ALERT: With me, it's going to be a MrBeast video: Surviving 7 days In Solitary Confinement

In this video, he is in a fully padded room, and unlike previous videos, where his team will generally try and drive him crazy, he is fully alone, food is delivered via a conveyor belt, he has no music or books, he is fully alone, what I found most interesting about this video (I'm a huge MrBeast fan) is that it shows the full psychological effects of isolation in terms of zero ability to tell the time, no verbal contact with anyone.

About midway through the week, he begins to lose the ability to tell them time or keep it straight in his head, he begins to actively lose the ability to speak.

It's a very good video and for Mrbeast this is very much in the "real" zone, would recommend anyone giving it a watch.

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I'm absolutely loving the content from CarbotAnimations. There are two things I appreciate the most. First, the precision in each episode is remarkable. They nail the content or essence of the selected brand so accurately that I can't help but watch with tears of joy and excitement.

Secondly, if you look at the view counts of each series, you can observe the popularity trends. It's interesting to compare and see how the audience seems to favor BG3 over D4. It's a unique way to gauge audience preferences!

CarbotAnimations - YouTube


My pick is this absolute nostalgia inducing masterpiece by a channel I had never heard of, but thankfully due to me watching a lot of retro gaming stuff lately on YouTube I was recommended this gem!

Gaming in the 80s and 90s hits the nail on the head with a few things here -

  1. The editing is fantastic and never lingers on any one clip too long! Which means a lot is crammed in in a relatively short time!

  2. The clips are nostalgia inducing with so many classic games and pop culture / movie moments included!

  3. The Music, awww the music, right away you feel like you are transported back to the 80s with some awesome synth music which just adds to the feels and works so well with the video topic!

  4. The voice-over is great, very clear, well paced and interesting!

  5. The video if you watch it, you will know what I mean about it really making you feel nostalgic and feel for simpler times gone by!

  6. The thumbnail just SCREAMS 90s aesthetic which got that click out me quicker than the Power Rangers can say "its morphin time!"

I thoroughly enjoyed this video and i really recommend you check it out whilst chilling out on the sofa tonight as im sure you will see something in it to make you smile and go "oh remember that!?"! It seems lots of other viewers feel the same way as I had as the video is over 230k views in just over a week from a channel with 40k subs which is fantastic to see! PS if you do watch it please comment letting me know what nostalgia moment got you!


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