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Content Creators

Hi and welcome!

You are definitely at the right place, this is for every content creator, no matter what is your preferred platform or form of content.

What do you stream usually? I'ld guess FFXIV from your profile picture ❤️ Feel free to share the link for your channel(s) so we can check it out☺️

Ok thanks for answering me.

I stream XIV as you could've guessed, but I also stream other games. I'm trying to be more of a varitety streamer PS wise. So I've been also streaming some shooter games. But I mostly stream XIV, and JRPGs

I'm also a non mic and non camera streamer. So it can be hard typing in chat sometimes lol.

Here's my Twitch: If you want my Youtube, let me know.

What do you do for Content Creation

Nice, followed you, will try to catch one of your streams :)

I mostly stream FFXIV

but want to open up a bit more this year so will be streaming FFVII Rebirth as well and some indie rpgs.

Typing in chat is not easy, when streaming raids I mostly type in chat as well between pulls so people can still hear the discord voice.

And I also make guides for my Youtube channel. Have a series on the FFXVI Chronolith Trials.

Yay a other FFXIV fan. Thanks for the follow. I followed you back

welcome! You are in the right place! What content goals arw you currently working towards?

Goal is to try more games on stream and get more viewers. The second goal is tough since I'm a non mic and non camera streamer

Many streamers don't use camera so that shouldn't be a problem. And I'm sure there are people who like to focus on voices in the game or listen to the background music and don't mind that much if the streamer is only typing, so hopefully you'll get some more viewers!

Cool, sounds good! you should put a number against how many new games you wanna play and how many viewers you would like to reach as seriously if it gets measured it gets improved as they say! id definitely recommend getting a microphone and start voice overs on your streams at the very least, as its a great way for your audience to connect with you and not just be there for the game, so as time goes on they hopefully show up for you no matter what your playing! it can be scary but its just like everything it takes practice :)

Thing is that I stream in the living room. So I can't be mic up sadly, but thanks for the

I feel that ... I play with my partner sitting next to me as we play FFXIV together. So my stream time is limited to when I'm alone at home or to our raid sessions together where we are on Discord anyway.

And I have a shelf with messy ebay store stuff behind me so camera is not an option until I get a nice background sorted 😂

Green screen or go the Vtuber route?

That's the plan, got a friend working on my vtuber model and will get an FFVII wallscroll backdrop for when I want to use the camera.

Gave you a follow-up, will keep an eye out for when your live :)

Hello & welcome! :)

Hi Crystal Penguin , welcome to Just About! 👋

As well as the lovely members jumping in to greet you, you'll see me ( Boomer), Rich, and Alex Sinclair around the platform. Feel free to tag any of us or just create a discussion (like this one!) if you need any help.

It's great to have you here 🙂


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