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Found this dude, his videos are very "story" and the best thing about it is, that he's part of a massive coalition and he tells the story of why and what is happening. His videos are not always "victory" and IMO, he is rapidly becoming one of Eve Online's top creators, dude has more subs than us :P

Good videos and is a good guy. From what I understand he's been on a break but is now back at it.

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His delivery has a really dramatic tone that I wasn't expecting! Is it just me, or does the video feel like equal parts vlog, machinima, and game commentary?

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Little bit but I just love his videos, like you don't even need to play Eve Online to understand whats going on lol

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Sing4DLaughter is a music composer making LoFi arrangements of beloved game music (mostly Final Fantasy, but you can find some others as well on their Youtube channel) I discovered the channel through a collaboration they did with one of my favourite FF creators and been listening to it a lot at work, these LoFi tunes provide a perfect background music when I need to concentrate and block out other noises.

Here is one of the latest arrangements to get you all in the mood for the FF7 Rebirth PlaySation State of Play tonight:

Bonus points for the 24/7 LoFi radio:

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Love it! LoFi channels are about 75% of what Dr Kirboom and I listen to at home, and she's a huge Final Fantasy fan as well! No doubt this'll be on for the rest of the day 😄

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I've recently discovered the @FreakyTweaky YouTube channel and it has become a source of inspiration for me. As someone not musically trained, I've been exploring the realms of synthesizers and various sound effectors. The challenge of finding the right melody to complement my video content led me to compose my own music, despite not having a professional background in this field.

I invested in a Pocket Operator, Zoom H1n, and Korg NTS-1, delving into Ambient, Lo-fi, and Drone tracks. While my creations are still evolving, there are three key benefits I've noticed:

  1. Soundtracks are completely original, avoiding any copyright issues.

  2. It's easier to synchronize the sound with my video footage since I can tailor the track to fit the video.

  3. The process brings a deep sense of satisfaction.

This journey was influenced by content like @FreakyTweaky's channel. His approach to music and sound has been incredibly enlightening and encouraging for a novice like me.


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