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Platform feature convergence continues!

Oh dear me... I'll check it out later today. So many platforms damn all doing the same thing now. My social media manager only has 3 platforms for free, how am I supposed to cross post stuff to this many things? 😂

ohhh could you give some advice or info on benefits of social media manger tools as ive never tried any?

Still trying to figure that out... The really good ones like Hootsuit has a quite hefty price £90 per month or so the last time I checked, so not affordable with my current earnings.

I use Buffer which gives you 3 channels to post to for free, though it doesn't have analytics and has a post limit (never reach it yet though). If you pay it's £6 per month channel including analytics, but no free channels then.

Most useful for me probably is to save ideas and use them as a template if I want to make similar, recurring posts quickly like when I go live notification.

Tried to use it to schedule posts to Instagram, so I'm not spending that much time looking at the platform, but you can't use the same filters you can in the Insta app, so it works with plain screenshots but not if I want to edit them, plus it can't post to stories, which is a pain because I was hoping to get that feature on my PC somehow so I can post more often, but no... So if I want to post stories I still have to transfer my screenshots to my phone and do it from there :(

It could be useful if you want to post the same type of content to 3 different channels, like a short to YT, Insta and TikTok so you only have to upload it once, add the tags, set if post now or schedule and all done. Becomes complicated if you want to tag someone in it as if they have different username on the platforms, then you have to go in and adjust the tag by platform.

I'm trying to use it for Insta, Xitter and FB to cross-post pictures but I might swap FB to Mastodon and try to reach more people there with my go live notifications, as FB is not really doing what I wanted it to do. Thought I can share stuff from my creator page on my main account and maybe get friends give me a follow or tune in for streams but apparently my real life friends suck, can't even be bothered to tune in for a stream which I KNOW they would love. Ah well...

It would be great if it supported BlueSky and Threads too, it would make it a lot easier to transition from Xitter to other platforms. Apparently they are working on it but it will take a while.

awesome thanks for the insight!

Couldn't find this feature for the life of me... so it ended up being a short slideshow from the pictures I've selected. Honestly I'm not very good with TikTok just trying my luck with it 😅

I mean it's not a bad thing really, I can see why but yeh, eventually TikTok will do whatever it takes to get more users.


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