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After the events of Caroline Star the gates to Jove space where closed and separated from the rest of New Eden. I'm hoping that the highly augmented characters on the trailer are either the Jove or decendants, I remember that there was a race of the Jove obcesed with augmenting themselves as much as possible and they seem to fit that description.Makes me wonder though why would they try to cooperated with the Angel'd Cartel and Guristas Pirates. I'm assuming that it is becuase due to their nature they are willing to leave self preservation and appreciation for other's life in exchange for monetary rewards. It would not ve unheard of that some Jovians survived the Caroline Stare incident, one of them is said to form part of the Condord high counsil and that one of the survivors helped founding the Society of Consious Thought. The only other thing I can epeculate is that since the survivors separated might've fell into piracy type of activitiesand myght be like an evil version of the Jove?. I'm exited to see what they some up with.

But I'm 100% sure that the Jove are included, I want to beleive that is a piurate faction kinda like "herectics" that strayed from the traditional protocols of the Jove and that maybe the new data fragments have some resifual information that only them as the Jove can read and that's why they need local pirates as mercenaries to get the job done and gather them all.

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I was chatting about this for a while during my stream today.

Clearly, there is an association with the Jove here. The entosis linking of the Jovian Observatory to find clues to Jovian Stargates makes that pretty obvious. Watching the trailer, both the courier and "Deathless" seen to be heavily augmented, which is indicative of them belonging to the "Modifier" faction.

Jovian interference within the currently accessible universe has been as a "guiding hand" of sorts, with them releasing capsuleer technology to the major factions and promoting the establishment of CONCORD. With this in mind, the Jovian Empire as a whole should have no reason to contact pirate factions if they wish to make a difference. This suggests a few situations: 1) This "brighter future" will conflict with the interests of the major factions, so support from other channels is required, or 2) This is not sanctioned by the Jovian Empire and may be an independant action taken by a villain figure. Should this be the work of an independant Jovian villain, it would make sense for them to contact established criminal entities and lure them over with advanced technology and a grand cause.

The introduction of this newest faction will be interesting for EVE Online. Personally, I am hoping that the players will gain access to Jovian faction ships such as the Spectre, Wraith, and Phantom. These ships already exist in the game, but are only accessible by Devs for the time being. This would be a great cost saving measure as well, since CCP Games wouldn't have to develop a new ship hull.

Fragments have been dropping from faction commander spawns during this event. These fragments may be a part of a larger token that contacts Deathless when brought together. This would encourage cooperation between the Angels and Guristas factions as well as providing them with a practical means to receive orders and rewards.

I'm excited to see where this event takes us!

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My gut says that it's the modifier equivalent of the Triglavians. If I was forced to speculate, the event will lead to the drifter equiv of poch.

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I would love for it to be a whole new race or hybrid race - something like a cross between the Blood Raiders and Minmatar - something fast, punchy and with bonussed webs and ewar for example - to try to combat the kiting meta maybe?

I am really hoping that these gates will lead to a whole new region - but a significantly smaller region to create proximity and greater chances / likelihood for engagements / contact.

Personally, it would be an interesting mechanic to include some 'bonuses' for being present and undocked in this region - double SP, multipliers to boosters, and so on - rewards for ratting / missioning in this area could be doubled for example - to try to invite people to undock and play the risk / reward game more.

I absolutely love the feel of the vid / teaser - love the 'storyline' and potetnial - i am really excited!

Looking forward to these very exciting times!

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The origins of Epiphany's data fragments could be rooted in a technologically advanced civilization that existed eons ago. These fragments might represent remnants of their vast databanks, containing knowledge, history, and possibly even blueprints for technologies that surpass our current understanding. The civilization could have been capable of harnessing the power of stargates, enabling them to disseminate these fragments across the cosmos.

As for the Deathless, they could be enigmatic beings tied to the same ancient civilization. These entities might have achieved a form of technological or biological immortality, granting them the ability to endure across ages. The Deathless could have been leaders, scientists, or explorers who unlocked the secrets of transcending mortality, and they might guard the knowledge of their achievements closely.

The Deathless might hold immense influence over Epiphany's data fragments, considering them crucial to maintaining their immortality or preserving the legacy of their civilization. Alternatively, they could be elusive figures who seek to reclaim or control the fragments to maintain their dominance or achieve a higher purpose.

The relationship between the data fragments and the Deathless could be one of symbiosis, with the fragments acting as vessels of the Deathless' wisdom, allowing them to influence the course of events in the universe despite their hidden existence.

Ultimately, the mysteries of the data fragments and the identity of the Deathless would form a complex and captivating narrative, weaving together elements of ancient history, advanced technology, and the enigma of eternal life.


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