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Siege/d (verb): Is a term used to describe ships that have installed and are making active use of a module that while cycling prevents them from moving and warping away (Siege/Bastion modules and Industrial Cores). Ex:

  • The roqual is still sieged! (The Roqual still has its Indutrial Core active)

  • The dread is sieged! (The dreadnough sill has its Siege Module active)

  • The Vargur has sieged! (The Vargur/Marauder has its Bastion Module active)

De-Siege/d (verb): Is a term used to describe ships that have deactivated the module preventing them from moving or warping away (Siege/Bastion modules and Industrial Cores)

Exceladin+ (noun): short for EVE Online Excel Add-in. The word is a pun reference to Quafe+ which is as tasty and addictive as Exceladin+

CSPA (noun): Short for CONCORD Spam Prevention Act. It is an ISK charge that can be placed on conversations and mail, acting as a deterrent to spam. Only non-blocked characters in your corp or contact list can then message you without paying a fee to CONCORD.

FC: The man or woman with the plan!

ISD - Interstellar Services Department - A team of volunteers who give their free time to help with various tasks around CCP and EVE, such as moderating the forums, help channels and Twitch during our livestreams, as well as assisting with diverse and varied translations.

PoS: short for player owned structure, the precusur to citadels, a moduler unit where you had to add other structures to get the full use out of. Found around moons and originaly uses for moon mining.


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