EVE Online

EVE Online

Whats this just for your Corp or Ally everybody need a personal one.

@CCP can we have Personal ones :P Nah, if you Family lost their heraldry you are in charge to recreate.

If you are intersted this is mine:





But to be polite and conform with the request:

Lowsec Pirate Alliance SE7EN-SINS

Known for Pre Tournment stuff like: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/773727408?t=1h36m20s

6 vs 10 7 is Sloth, which therefore is not visable.


Killing parts of camel empire in pure 7 vs 10 pure Caldari Setup.

Duty. is recruting :P

Nice one. Love the world serpent and Tree of Life!

This one is tough for me, I've designed more than 2,500 logos for the Eve community in the past 15 years. But there is just something special about the one you do for yourself and your own Alliance.


2,500 logos is a genuinely amazing achievement!

Made this neat Perun Logo for my poster on the bottom Left of these 2 :)

Very cool. What was the inspiration?

Thanks! And when doing a lot of my projects I slap on a bunch of lines and presets I made until it looks good or bad and I restart, usually, unintentionally, make something good eventually =)


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