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With the pirate theme of the Havoc expansion, I wanted to return to the classic pirate activity of low sec gate camping. It's something I've never tried solo before, so I headed off to Kinakka and set up shop.

It wasn't long before an Occator jumped in. He must have been flustered because he had ample opportunity to escape as I worked out the kinks in my setup, but I was able to finish him off before the locals could chase me away.

Eventually the locals pushed me off the gate, so I hopped over to a nearby null to highsec gate, and caught a Hulk chancing it.


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Late to the party on this one, as this happened late last night, and i was far too tired to AAR it after the fleet! Hopefully it could be considered for the bounty?!

PG13-ish comms!

"Tackle Thanny" - the two words any FC wants to hear. Keacte called for a freeburn to the destination to engage the Thanatos that had moonwalked out of the anomoly to the supposed comfort of the station.

Unfortunately, not this time. As the Thanatos dropped out of warp Rev was there to catch him and call the fleet in. Not managing to tether in time, Rev once again provided the goods for the evening, and got us this tasty escalation which i still can't quite fathom!

Rev held the tackle for a good few minutes as we initiated warp to his location in J-OKOC. As we dropped out of warp we had a fight on our hands. The Thanatos was already placing Rev under pressure; we managed to push the hostile sabre off grid with ease, and then started applying our damage. We were a mid size fleet - i believe 26 in total - a mixture of combat interceptors (the Raptor was the flavour of choice) and slowly began whittling him down.

The principle thing in a fight like this is to get there, and kill the target before the support and or cyno can come in to bring the support in to push us off the target.

In this instance, it took only a few minutes or so for the Thanatos to die much to the glee of the FC!

First to drop was the Thanatos ...


& then something odd started happening... they started to slowly but surely drip feed us kills... one by one, another ship dropped into engage us, and then another and then another...

First the mining fleet landed and then a caracal, then an Ishtar, so we took the opportunity to kill the cruiser and HAC, and then moved to kill the Hulks and then a Paladin and a Sleipnir warped in.... speechless.



8.51BN destroyed for no loss!!

We like fights like this! :D

Here is the vid! Enjoy!


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Here's the bad news: We can't award replies as submissions even if we opted to. Here's the good news: Consider yourself greenlit to re-enter the same kill into this week's KotW (P.S. don't forget to click-to-expand your Twitch video)


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Consider it cross posted!

For some reason the twitch vid won't maximise / expand :|

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Hey FUN INC, I'm sorry to hear that. This is something the tech team are aware of and they are actively working on it now.

Thanks for letting us know and we'll share an update as soon as we can.

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No problem - I wasn't sure if it was a me problem! :D


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