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Had no idea you could get down below it!

Ashterothi It's safe to say that you deserve a prize for this epic shot, but we can't award you unless you link your social media accounts and post a link to the shot there so we have a verified image. It only takes a minute or so. We've extended the deadline so you have until Monday night.https://alpha.justabout.com/just-about/connecting-your-social-accounts-and-sharing-on-just-about

Can we do GIF?



Its just 17,2 MB :P but hard to squeeze in here.

If not here some Screenshots from the inital destruction of structs around the jove gates:

Like we got supported by a NPC Angel Mach Fleet which done around 30% of all damage.



These are very pretty. Could you add a little description of how it all went down? As for gifs, not for this bounty. But keep them stored, because we do have a gifs bounty in our calendar.

After Report Structure Incident in G-0Q86 at proximity of Zarzakh

Log time: 2023-11-13 20:25

The Angel Cartel asked for aid and V0LTA responded.

We formed our classy Nightmare Doctrine and the Cartel stepped in with a Machariel Fleet. Initially the Idea to bubble the Cartel sounded fum, but ended up in some “misunderstanding”.  Which causes some collateral damage on our side. We had some response but overall we had time to make some very nice screenshots and celebrate the rise of the Angel Cartel with some space Fireworks.

Some Personal Logfile:

This data was illegally copied. (Watermark)

It looks like we have player which are addicted to the so called “Don't press the red button”. They will press it, twice If you are in Fleet and you see a RED NPC Fleet out of Machas. Remember your training, lock it up, shoot, ???, Free ISK. Also do the Angel Epic Arc :P

This data was illegally copied. (Watermark)


There was big battle in the Gurista Space with lots of Caiman dying. (Should have written it down, instead of searching it now.

Thanks Kane. If any of that information is actually illegally copied, please remove it.

Not that i know. The Personal log is Roleplay.

Since when were you ever allowed to read my personal diary :P

Its not a screenshot, rather a remix of some of the offical Havoc vids!


I love this and strongly encourage you to share it in the JA EVE feed, but we won't be able to award a screenshot prize for it!


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