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There is only one Stay Frosty. For over a decade now Stay Frosty has been the home for independent Piracy in Low Security space. Driven by our world-famous Pirate Code and led by the Pirate Lord of Low Sec himself - Rixx Javix.

Each year in March Stay Frosty hosts the largest player driven event in all of New Eden - our Frigate Free For All event - which next year will be celebrating its 10th anniversary! These events showcase Frigate PvP for thousands of Eve players and result in record-breaking slaughters, fun, and experience for many players who would otherwise never try Player Versus Player combat in New Eden.

But, more than our events, Stay Frosty is a collection of some of the best PvPers in all of Eve. Dedicated to "good fights" and mastering the martial arts of PvP in both small gang and solo combat. Our Killboard speaks for itself, this month we will pass 200,000 total kills with an almost perfect balance between small gang and solo kills. Something very few organizations in Eve can lay claim to. (54% small gang and 46% solo as of writing this.)

Stay Frosty has multiple weekly organized gangs, including my own legendary Saturday small gang fleets, as well as daily Wolf Packs. Our members fly everywhere in space and former members of Stay Frosty are everywhere in-game. We're notoriously casual gamers with a flair for finding good fights and would welcome anyone interested in becoming better at individual combat in the game.

We don't have blues. We fight everyone. We never quit. We laugh as we warp into danger screaming YARRRR as we land. If this sounds like something you've been looking for then join our in-game channel EVEOGANDA or contact Rixx Javix on Discord.

"200,000 total kills" - outrageous. Excellent post; thanks Rixx

92,680 of which are solo kills. :) I'm rather proud of our little gang of pirates, as you can tell.

92K solo kills is bonkers!!

The best way for new players to join or connect with the pirate corps is to join a channel in-game called BringingSoloBack - Whilst the pirate corps can and do, large to small fleet ops, the life of a pirate is often a solo one. This being said, within Eve Online exists its own version of "paranoid" and this can lead to difficulties in joining established elite PvP corporations.

Often a simple fight with a pirate can lead to a chat about how the fight went, tips on fits and, sometimes even a "I see you're in an NPC corp, is this your main?" which can lead to a corporation invite.

So I would suggest that if players are looking for the pirate life within Eve's low sec arena, cut your teeth on Faction Warfare, to see if this life is for you, often players will reach -10.0 sec status and realise how hard it can be to sustain ships/modules without a corporation backing them.

So in short > create alt > join faction warfare > fight, fight, fight, > life for you? Then seek a pirate corp. -10.0 can be a lonely life, without the right friends.

Am going to be controversial here!! - and offer up the question - do you need to be in a corp? Flying NPSI means that you get to do your thing, without the politics of being in a corp.

FUN INC is one of the corps that actively support NPSI and PVP - we aren't piratey and we don't have parrots either!

I think NPSI fleets are awesome and I support what you guys, Spectre Fleet, and others do inside of Eve. I think it's great. But I also strongly believe the friendships and camaraderie of a good Corporation is essential to building staying power inside the game. And I think CCP's data has proven that over the years.

Agree 100% on this - I see NPSI as the gateway to having fun, and connecting you to other likeminded souls - that is the point where you can then discover aligned corps and groups :)


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