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This was my 2nd time flying a Stiletto for my stream, and I was nervous being the head scout after the world's greatest Ishtar hunter, kjeezy, had to leave the fleet.

We were flying around null-space and were ringing the local's doorbells. We entered a dead-end system and found ourselves facetoface with a multiboxing capsuleer. As predicted, he docks up his Ishtars and Vexors. The ESS had 200m+ in isk stored away, so we thought we would stick around and wait it out. I went to go keep an eye on the Athanor in the system to see if the locals were hanging around. I warped in, and noticed a few Praxis undock. Excitedly, I told my fleet that the locals were wanting to engage. And then a couple more Praxis undocked, and then some more. Turns out that the person's door we were ringing had a lot more ships than just the one!

The Praxis' were then slung towards the ESS. I pumped on the accelerator and rushed back to my gang, hoping to get on grid before the Praxis. The Stiletto must have had some NOS in the hyperdrive because I got on and orbriting the ESS beacon faster than the Praxis did.

I skillfully kept the Praxis on grid, snuck under their guns to grab their escape frigates and capsuleer pods, and managed to get off grid after being targeted multiple times. Obviously we were isk and fun positive by the end of the engagement. The multi-boxer came into my chat and gave a GG, gifted a Friendship Astero skin (the one I've always wanted), and we had a good laugh. I went from hating how the Stiletto looked to now buying up a dozen to use on future adventures.


In a nutshell the same FRT pilots that ambushed us with a bait Bane on my last video dropped 3 Navy Dreadnoughts on a roarming Brutix Navy fleet, upon our discovery of this event we formed and showed that that B0SS has eyes everywhere-






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