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FUN Inc. - Putting the fun back into EVE

Welcome to FUN inc. (Even Better With Friends)

This is the FUN you have been looking for!

FUN Inc is a no drama PVP community that roams Nullsec looking for good fights both as corp only fleets and by regularly hosting NPSI fleets.

We also support our members in learning and developing their skills by enabling them to get out of their comfort zone and into that specialist role they always wanted to try such as scouting, logistics, ewar or FCing.

There are no SP thresholds, minimum or maximum. It's all about your fit and attitude. We seek like minded players to develop and collaborate together whilst PVPing and having fun.

There are no pings, no timers and no blues. Just no strings attached fun.

If this sounds like your sort of thing (of course it does!) then hit us up on these channels and join one of our public fleets to see if we're a good fit.

In game public channel "EBWF public"

Discord https://discord.com/invite/78CS3Aa



NPSI community gateway calendar



Whilst I don't have a corporation myself, it has to be Pandemic Horde for me, here is why:

1: Huge open area in null sec to live in 2. Exploration opportunities in Null Sec for new players 3. PvP fleet opportunities pretty much all the time for old and new players 4. Hugely active Discord/Comms and corporation chat channels 5. Extrmeley competant FC's and leaders 6. Perfect logistic train from Empire to Null Sec, meaning anything can be brought in Jita and transferred out to your chosen Null Sec home. 7. Huge amount of NPC/Explo sites you can use/make ISK On 8. Massive amount of experienced players who are more than willing to help new players with anything from ship fittings, advice, explanations etc.

These are just a few of the things that for me, is what a new player needs. - Pandemic Horde, IMO, is one of the greatest corporations a new player can join.

Do you like Eve? With no hurry or overwhelms, at your pace ...

In Recios the approach is to enjoy the maximum of the game and create a community in which to help us among all and learn, form an efficient fleet in player versus environment content and industry/mining.

It unites us for a long time in the most diverse games. We always accept new players.

If you are interested in finding a place between players that:

  • They are conducted with maturity and common sense.

  • They respet equally to friends and enemies.

  • They always pose real life over the game.

  • They play without haste and with the intention of having fun.

You will find a corporation for you in RECIOS.


¿Te gusta EvE?, sin prisas ni agobios, a tu ritmo...

En Recios el planteamiento es disfrutar el máximo del juego y crear una comunidad en la que ayudarnos entre todos y aprender, formar una flota eficiente en el contenido jugador contra entorno e industria/minería.

Nos une largo tiempo en los mas diversos juegos. Aceptamos siempre por supuesto nuevos jugadores.

Si te interesa encontrar lugar entre jugadores que:

  • Se conducen con madurez y sentido común.

  • Respetan por igual a amigos y a enemigos.

  • Ponen siempre la vida real por encima del juego.

  • Juegan sin prisas y con intención de divertirse.

Encontrarás una corporación para tí en RECIOS.


Hey Recios! If you could stick to English language posts on Just About (for now), it'd be much appreciated. Part of the reason is that we turn bounty submissions into curated content. And while I speak enough Spanish to know that this is a great post, I don't speak it well enough to be able to translate it for an article.

I realise that might be a little counter-intuitive if it's a Spanish-speaking corp, so maybe you could edit this bounty submission to include an English-language version alongside the Spanish version?

We hope to support more languages in the future, and I'm sure Spanish will be a top priority, but at least for now we're English-language only.


Sure mate, I'll edit it right now.

Didn't think about it, as you say it's counter-intuitive, but will do no harm to translate it.


Much appreciated! Thanks a lot!

Stay Frosty

Over 200,000 ships exploded with 92,000 of those being solo. There is no other group in New Eden like the friendly neighborhood Pirates of Stay Frosty. For over a decade now we have YARRR'd our way across every corner of the universe with a smile, friendly advice, and a casual flare that has become legendary. We are terrible pirates, but we're really good at it.

If you are looking to improve your martial piloting skills and match-up in the cut-throat world of Low Security Piracy then maybe Stay Frosty is the home you've been looking for. Daily Wolfpaks, weekly roams - each Saturday Rixx himself leads an ever-changing roam - an active Discord community, and an Alliance (A Band Apart) that offers more in a growing family of Corporations.

And then, each year Stay Frosty runs our record-breaking annual Frigate Free For All in which we hand out over 20,000 fully-fitted Frigates to all of New Eden and annually set new all-time explosion records for Low Security space. In March of 2024 we will be celebrating our 10th Annual FFA Event in partnership with the good folks at Spectre Fleet.

Join our in-game channel EVEOGANDA to say hello and learn more.

There is only one Stay Frosty. Tell 'em Rixx sent you.


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