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EVE Online
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This one is prrof that even when everything goes to plan things escalate quick in New Eden, we dropped on a Fraternity Roruql mining an ice belt, he did all he was supposed to do and do did we which resulted in the fast superior responce fleet being able to respond to the Rorqual's help just as our window to give it the final blow opens.

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We were camping a pipe next door to our highsec home when we noticed a smartbombing Proteus gateracing shuttles.

We swapped to bombers and lay in wait, planning to catch him as he killed his next victim.

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This is on my second account "KNEVEIL"- is it possible to link 2 youtube accounts? My primary account EVEIL is linked. Both EVEIL and KNEVEIL have links to each other on youtube if that helps verify


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