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Siege of C-J6MT, it was hell

Did you live to tell the tale?

Yea, and probably at some point it's worth writing my second saga about those events =)

My favorite battle is one my (old corp) had in Prism. So here it is.

Corporation: Evil Monkey Asylum [EMA.E] System: Prism, Black Rise Low Sec Time Frame: 1 Week

This started as a shouting match in local chat, our corporation had 3 stations. One in Samanuni and Two in Prism, We had an Engineering Complex in Sam, An Astra, and An athanor in Prism, the corporation was at about 400 members, and my fleets were so big, that we had two split between two FCs send half the corp in one direction and one direction the other half went, one under my guidance and the other under a lovely lady FC called Rabit Daring.

One night, I took my fleet towards Kinakka, and we met a similar fleet fo Destroyers and frigates, we duked it out and we came out on top, but we lost half the fleet to all of theirs going down, the enemy FC contacted me and said "listen, mate, there is fuck all about, you wanna fight again, all T1 frigs and T1 fittings" so I said yeah sure, so I took them home, we re-shipped and off we went.

Now this is where things in Eve Online can go bat-shit-crazy sideways in minutes and no communication can help. We went for round Two and Rabit's fleet, just as we started fighting on the gate, everyone in local was suspect/red flashing by this point, so no worries about sentry guns. We started fighting and Rabbit's fleet of T2/T2 Destroyers/Assault frigates jumped in, of course, she immediately assumed the fleet was in trouble and yelled into her room "KILL THEM ALL" and in minutes the entire enemy fleet was dead, and podded.

The enemy FC messaged me and said "Say goodbye to your stations" and blocked me. Immediately I ordered everyone home, we only had around 60 cap pilots with ships and most of them were USA-based and offline. So, I needed help. But I had it. When we moved into the area, we signed a loose agreement with people we would never attack people's stations or infrastructure if they left us alone. So I got on the batphone to Seven-Sins and a few Caldari Militia corps and a few in Gal space and they quickly had a fleet formed up, our friend in the other corp informed us the enemy FC was "bringing it".

An hour later, we waited patiently, talking crap on Discord, and suddenly local jumps by 20, and a fleet of frigates landed on the Astra, and start moving back, next thing cynos are going up, and over 40 capitals dropped onto the grid including an Avatar class Titan and the station starts to get hit, Dan and Scott are on the guns and start causing hell.

Dan undocks his interceptor alt and waits tethered for instructions, I told him to join our allies' fleet and he did, they said GO GO GO GO and he belted at 5k m/s into the middle of the enemy capital fleet and dropped a cyno.

This next bit shocked me because I did not realize how many caps were coming to help. But local jumped by over 100 capitals including black ops ships that came in alongside a titan that bridged sub caps in. As soon as they came in, local jumped by another hundred or so as an ABSOLUTE TON of frigates/destroyers/cruisers/battleships/t2/t3 ships came in via the three gates and landed in the middle of the caps.

I am not ashamed to say I was very emotional seeing the overwhelming response to my cry for help in defending our station. In a slightly emotional voice, I ordered my fleet of Sniper ships to undock and started calling targets. My guys and gals knew about my Mh issues and Rabit took over FC immediately and let me just fire my guns. I was so touched by the willingness of the eve community to help us.

Faced with overwhelming odds the enemy fleet of caps was destroyed in around 10 minutes and their sub-cap fleet was wrecked as well. This was not a major fight, it was not in the news, and only those who were there, knew it happened, but for my corporation, this was a very touching moment.

I was then dragged into a discord server with the corporation's Directors/CEOs/FC's and I said before they could say anything "Thank you so much, that was so much more than I could hope for" This is how they replied and I will NEVER forget.

"EMA trains new players straight into low sec PvP, we have new players and you provide fights all day every day for new players and experienced players alike because you are not aligned with anyone. You have no blue list, you stand alone and you fight anyone and you don't constantly escalate everything mate, you just say GF in local, there is never any abuse or trolling, it's just straight-up fun and because of that, we all agreed, EMA assets are under our protection."


Never underestimate what a good attitude a leader can achieve, our stations never again came under attack until we left that area. We continued to fight people nonstop and have fun, training new players, and providing ships.

As I said, not a big deal, but for me, my commanders and officers, and my members, this was a massive deal to us. EMA was a beacon to new players wanting our pirate lifestyle, where everyone was a target.

100 capitals, eh? This is epic. You've just given me an idea for a new bounty: tell the story of the biggest battle you ever took part in.

Ill just cut and paste this then lol.

Nah I was an FC for Band Of Brothers for years, got plenty of stories :P

Well then I look forward to them. I'll be sure to tag you when we run it  😁


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