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Alex Sinclair you are talking about passive moon miners, or what kind of changes you are talking about?

Sorry, the bounty description was a little vague on that front - I've just updated it. We're intrigued by any economical changes stemming from Equinox. So yes, passive moon mining, but also all the other changes to industry, resources, and Nullsec. We're particularly interested in hearing about what, if anything, might happen to ship prices as a result of changing mineral prices - but feel free to speculate more broadly.

Alright, one thing I noticed already is that some pirate ship BPCs are toilet paper nolonger, haha.

I'm very much a layman in the world of manufacturing, but I feel that the current changes will lower the cost of minerals such as Isogen that are in demand for ships, which in turn will only benefit the players if that translates into lower ship cost.

My monkey brain says "more thing, lower price"

I was wrong, pirate ship BPCs prices have collapsed =)

Anyways, the patch reintroduces Isogen to nullsec space through dynamic resource distribution. This is expected to increase the supply of Isogen, which might drive down its prices as the market adjusts to the new supply levels. However, areas like low-sec, Pochven, and wormhole space, where Isogen was previously more valuable, may see a reduction in the value of their ore sites. This could potentially disrupt the industrial activities in these regions but also create opportunities for price stabilization and new economic dynamics. We still can see the influence of old stock, but the effects will wear off in a few weeks.

New Upwell Structures. The strategic importance of system locations is now a big factor. This could lead to increased territorial conflicts as players might opt for control over resource-rich systems, potentially causing more destruction = fluctuations in the availability and prices of minerals depending on the outcomes of these conflicts​.

Smaller industrial groups operating in low-sec and wormhole space will face challenges due to these changes. The new focus on nullsec could centralize much of the mineral production and resource extraction in those areas, potentially disadvantaging smaller groups that do not have the infrastructure or military power to compete in nullsec. However, this could also drive smaller groups to adapt or find new ways to collaborate to stay viable​.

Great answer; thanks Sturmer!


In terms of mineral prices, the price is not really changing all that much except a few .1 isk here and there being played in Jita, we've been checking ship prices and again, this hasn't changed much either, except a few mil added here and there or a few mil dropped here and there.

I don't think it's really going to change, Null Sec alliances set the prices, regardless of what CCP do, so if they decide i.e a Drake is going to be 90mil, then they will make sure a Drake stays at that price.

Pirate ships I have noticed have a few mil added onto them but the BPCS from FW have dropped, drastically. But apart from that we are not seeing any real change.

My opinion.

I'm not an economist or analyst, but I read some Reddit discussions about the recent Equinox release in EVE Online. Here's what I found out:

The Equinox expansion has had a noticeable impact on the minerals market, primarily due to the introduction of new structures and resources. Players are experiencing changes in how resources are gathered and controlled, especially in nullsec space.

Equinox introduced orbital skyhooks and the Metenox Moon Drill, which automate resource extraction and impact the mineral market. New resources like magmatic gas and superionic ice are now essential for certain upgrades and structures, affecting the availability and prices of minerals as people will focus more on these resources, at least for a while. Plus prices of minerals have fluctuated i last 15 days:


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