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I believe it's a better videogame adaptation than The Last of Us. This isn't because TLOU is bad, I actually adored that series. It's because TLOU is prestige Emmy bait, while Fallout is more of a strangely optimistic take on the apocalypse with lots of fun. One moment, it can have you laughing out loud. The next, you'll gasp at just how dark it can get. Thoroughly loved it from start to finish.

My only gripes are the overuse of slo-mo in the early episodes to simulate VATS and the overuse of a particular audio sting whenever a certain character just walks on screen. Very minor complaints at an otherwise faithful show that isn't bogged down with the weight of adapting a direct story that's already been done.

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Approved just junked 2 Hours into it.

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Hot takes are like sorta controversial so I'd say I like Lucy as a lead. I don't think the lone wanderer/ vault dweller has to be inherently male and I know Lucy's actress got a lot of flak for representing a 'woke' agenda but I really enjoyed her portrayal.

Lastly I wish Fallout was a more anthology series like Mandalorian. Lucy going on different adventures meeting different factions with an overarching narrative of looking for her father. I think it'll tie nicely with the small stories integrated into side quests that the games have

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This is one of those things that isn't controversial to most normal people, but I see where you're coming from. She's great in it.

I'm kind of glad it's not an anthology. Don't get me wrong; I get the logic here, representing the side quests and going off-track being the most popular route in games, but I much prefer a serialised story over the Monster of the Week. The perfect blend would be a mixture of both, but I reckon that'd detract from the overall. Instead, I suggest a compromise in that we see side adventures of the lesser-featured characters.

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I haven't as of yet had time to watch this but it's on the list. So, I'm avoiding anything that could contain spoilers lol.

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I’m travelling again tomorrow so have downloaded a few episodes for the plane. I’m very much looking forward to it. I have read a few non spoiler reviews and I’m hopeful that I will really like it. Fallout 3 was part of the beginning of my career in technology so I have a double soft spot for the series. :)


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