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EveOnlineTutorials's avatar

That thumbnail was horrifying enough dude xD

Alex Sinclair's avatar

"Since when are the spirits interested in cinematography and art direction?" 😂

Your videos are excellent. Keep the found-footage content coming forever!

Horror and Cats's avatar

It’s my whoooooole deal, buddy haha. You made the mistake of telling me you like found footage so now you’re living in one.

I’m popping out from under your bed “hey, thought you might like this…” is whispered breath, leaving a copy of The Pyramid (2014) on your floor before scuttling back under.

You quickly turn on your camcorder and light, looking under the bed… but I’m nowhere to be seen…

Alex Sinclair's avatar

What have I done?!

My first thought was to say that I'd install some CCTV to keep myself safe, but that's only going to make it worse.

Horror and Cats's avatar

I’ll be super easy for you to see me phrogging in your house and eating little bits of cereal here and there. your unofficial, uninvited, unseen roommate….

But all the found footage I bring will level it out.

Alex Sinclair's avatar

Today I learned a new word. And I wish I hadn't.

Horror and Cats's avatar

Yeah phrogging ain’t no joke lol


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