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I haven't seen it but the trailer makes it look very cute. I do enjoy films that help you remember your inner child (I adore Inside Out), so I'll keep it in mind. Also, a drive-in cinema - what a treat!

It's definitely deeper than the previews but then, my eyes weren't dry for Inside Out either! lol.. Inside Out 2 is the next movie on our list when it comes out.

I do really like the drive-in, I have Social Anxiety so, the it's very difficult to enjoy myself at the movie theater. This is such a nice alternative (and cheaper).

I saw the headline of a review about it, which suggested the same thing: hidden depths.

Visiting a drive-in cinema is definitely on my bucket list. I don't think there are many in the UK, which is a bit of a problem. Another problem is I can't drive. But I'll solve both of those hurdles somehow someday 😅

I can't drive either! I made sure my husband put "chauffeur" in his marriage vows lol

Good idea! I might steal that approach

I wish we had drive-in cinemas here in the UK, mind you, we'd need blankets and mobile heaters! But this film does look good and I love Ryan Reynolds so. I think we are taking my daughter to this.

It's sad the drive-in is becoming a thing of the past here. It's definitely a nice experience (especially for someone like me, as I mentioned in a different comment I have Social Anxiety). That said, the movie theater is still an experience like no other as well! IF definitely contributes to the "magic of movies"!

Our 5 yr old was attentive the while time, she loved it!

this is on my to watch list when I’m back home. Glad to see some positive reviews from the wider community and general excitement,


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