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Those are some very fine movies indeed! I think the 80s were something special both in films and music.

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I think the 80s was a great decade for blockbusters, as were the 90s, but my favourite decade for Hollywood is the 70s when the new wave happened. It saw the rise of directors like Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola and Steven Spielberg and a lot of my favourite films of all time are from that era

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Empire strikes back 4tw, but that is one hell of a list there. Contains some serious golden cinema!

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damn man soo many sequels

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I don't know if its just me. Everything was better back then, not just movies and music, but everything else as well. It was just a simpler time.


Totally agree! Have you watched the new Beverly Hills cop movie on Netflix? I enjoyed it as it’s just a fun nostalgia trip for big fans of the original which I am but one thing that hit me was int he original there is a montage where axel foley is driving about a Beverly Hills and it looks amazing, so clean bright, bursting with personality with all the characters and vibrant and in the new one they do a similar shot and it just looks pretty poor and everyone seems weird , on their phones and not happy. Really struck me.

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No I haven't watched it yet but now I will have to :D I'm a fan too. Yeah, a problem I realised in modern films is when recreating 80s scene they have to really be careful because the vibes and feeling is really easy to go off even if just a little. Back then people were generally happier with less skepticism.


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