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Oooooooh I'm in! Hyped for this, thanks for having me

Here I am!! Glad to finally see what you've been working on. Respect for going straight in with a dark theme for the Alpha!

Can't wait to see what this platform has to offer :D

Hey, just wanted to say Hi!

I work for a silicon valley company as a Developer, I really like the concept of this site.

It's great to see more and more people getting involved! 🚀

Thank you! Loving the site layout! Looks good so far! ;)

Hello and thank you for the Alpha invite. Looking forward to explore the platform. Looks very good at first glance!

Thank you for accepting it! Make yourself at home.

Looking forward to seeing things grow. Really like the initial design theme 👍

Glad to hear it. Thanks, Franko!

This has a lot of potential, please get more opportunities than just Eve Online. Would love to see where this goes

Cheers to everyone and looking forward to seeing how this community can grow as we share

thank you for the invite! Can’t wait to see what happens and speak to you all :)

Thank you for having me. Love what I have seen so far. Can't wait to see the site grow. Looking forward to speaking with you all.

Excited to see how this platform will grow and connect like-minded people from around the world and to see how I can contribute as well!

Welcome aboard, Jesse!

We're happy to have you!

It's wonderful to see the place increasingly full of life.

Thanks for trying something new and positive. I hope it takes off (thank you for heads up P32).

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