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I think they do state in the bounties that if it's a photograph they need to post it on social media so they can verify it is there image and not straight from google etc.

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I think in those instances it's that the accounts aren't connected. There is a bug where embeds aren't expanding in some instances, too (which we're working on!).

Longer-term we're going to see how we can make the connecting of accounts more automated so that people can't so easily forget or miss doing it.

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Would it be possible to have a different connection such as Discord? Just wondering as I do not use Twitter or Instagram and would prefer to keep it that way.

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I submitted a bug report for this too, when I try to connect my instagram it says there's an insufficent dev auth so it won't connect my insta. Not sure if that's on this end or instas but I've tried it on multiple browsers and as soon as I click connect on here it gives me a black screen and the error message.

All other social platforms connected fine.

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There have been some issues with embedded content, but the Tech team are actively working on this.

I'd suggest leaving a friendly reply to ask if their socials are connected, and if not, to check this out.

If their socials are connected and it still doesn't seem to work, you can tag me ( Boomer), Rich, or Alex Sinclair and we'll see how we can help.


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