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just saw your post on reddit and decided to join on your platform.

RT has been a big part of my childhood and growing up as well - strange to see another one fold. They're doing an announcement/ live stream on their website at 10pm GMT/ 4pm Central which gave me an excuse to dust off my really old RT account

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Welcome to Just About Makster 👋

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Oh hey, it's been such a long time! How's it going, apart from the RT news I mean? 😅

I still check in with a lot of the old RTUK folk, but not as often as I'd like with everything that's going on. Are you still in touch with any of that lot? It'd be so nice to get everyone together again!

I'll definitely be tuning in for the stream, so maybe see you in the chat?

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oh you're that boomer! Man.. RT news was such a long time ago. I thought your name looked familiar.

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Yeah it really does feel like a lifetime ago! 😄

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It's always sad when everything, in connection, just shuts down and you know "it's over, it's done" - it can be heart rending

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It really can be. It's like losing a part of your identity. Thankfully we carry the amazing people and memories with us, so it might harder to stay in touch, but the community is still out there somewhere.


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