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For me when the Queen died, I was very different, never really being a fan of the royal family. But when Lance Reddick died, that hit, me hard, I still have no idea why, I think being a massive Destiny 2 fan, it actually meant something to me.

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I had a similar feeling when David Bowie died. I'd never been affected by a celebrity dying before but, as well as being a huge shock, it felt like it represented a huge cultural shift too. The state of online communities feels like a similar shift in many ways.

Much like when a loved one dies, I found comfort in what they leave behind and their legacy. Enjoying their work becomes bittersweet and feels more profound but seeing their influence in other people's work feels comforting and, gradually your mindset can switch from being sad that they are gone to being happy they were there.

Having read several of Boomer 's posts, you can see how much of the positive cultural influence of RT is manifesting here on Just About. I hope that, over time, JA can fill some of the space that the loss of RT has left for you. I'm glad to know there's another RT fan here helping to shape the tone and culture here on JA 🙏

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Bowie got me, too. It almost felt ridiculous that I was still expected to go to work! I do think his final two albums feel even more poignant in the context of his death, and they're both fantastic, too, especially Black Star.

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The one-two punch of Lemmy dying in late Dec 2015 and Bowie in early Jan 2016 hit so hard. It feels like that was a generational turning point.

In a way the Rooster Teeth news feels similar, as their content influenced so many people. It wasn't always smooth sailing, but their loss will leave a mark on countless community members and creators. I'm just glad folk are looking for ways to stay connected, as it'd be such a shame for this to also be the end of the community!

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Rooster Teeth was our home for such a long time, and I hope you can find a piece of that here🙂


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