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It took me 3 days to process all annexes, in case someone wishes to read the whole thing - The AI Act Explorer | EU Artificial Intelligence Act

As there is an implementation period we are looking at ~2027 , which means AI has at least 24 months to re-shape itself into something else hehe =)))

It's understandably quite a dense series of documents, so it's nice to have a more digestible way to read 😊

AI will lead to a massive risk to humans, if a system ever becomes sentient enough to assess the risk humans cause, we had better look to our defences, I am not talking Skynet nonsense, but if we design robots and AI to protect us, there is a very real risk, we will be protected against our will, from ourselves.

I'm pretty sure there's a horror / sci-fi movie about that! 😱

I agree but the very prospect terrifies me. It really does, but the thing humans need the most protection from is ourselves.

This visualisation from the EU AI Intelligence Act briefing document is pretty handy!

im glad! But more needs done quicker! It’s . evolving scarily fast! Did anyone see the speech to speech ai robot demo? Literally gonna take millions of jobs nevermind the fear of war!


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