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As I am getting on now I'll always opt for the quite pub meetup with a couple of beers, maybe some good food and lots of conversations about gaming.

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Ah, some much-needed sustenance and conversation after a busy show!

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peoplez! peoplez in cute costumes!

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Whether it's the deep knowledge of the chosen fandom, trading tips on crafting props, or the inevitable chaos of group photo after group photo after group photo...cosplay meetups are always fun 😊

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I used to cosplay so love to check out people in costumes and take pictures. If I was to meet friends it would be chatting about games, catching up on what is going on with everyone. Then trying to be sensible and talk each other out of buying another keychain, book, poster... Just to then buy it anyway and complain where our money has gone. That would be twenty-something year old me.

Current me would be sitting in a quiet corner somewhere, complaining that it's too peopley XD

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Ha, I totally relate to this 😄Some friends and I went to a retro games market in Birmingham recently, and it was a serious struggle not to buy everything!

I resisted the retro gaming, and instead I came away with:

  • Vampire: the Masquerade

    • core rulebook (5e)

    • player guide (5e)

    • graphic novels

  • Magic: the Gathering - set of four Fallout Commander decks


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